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Hand Raised Silver Baby Cup
Hand Raised Silver Porringer
Hand Forged Silver Baby spoon
Hand Raised Silver Cup
Hand Chased Silver Leaf
$ 600.00
Set of 2 Hand Raised Silver Goblets
Espresso Set
on right
Hand Raised Silver Espresso Carafe with Walnut handle
on left
Hand Raised Silver Milk Steamer with Walnut handle
Hand Raised Silver Creamer and Sugar Bowl with Walnut Finial
and Handle.
All Hand Raised Work is a Custom Order.
It will take from 1 - 3 months to complete each piece.
From the Egyptians to the Romans, from Paul Revere to present times, Silversmiths have shared in
using the same approach to working metal by using simple hand tools.

Silversmithing is my art and my craft. The process I use is the cold working of metal,  such as raising,
forging, planishing, differing from blacksmithing which is the working metal that is red-hot.  The basic
task of silversmithing is to take a flat piece of metal and work it until it is round, oval or irregular in
shape by the use of simple hand tools.  Power tools are rarely used.  Each item is shaped by the
many thousands of hammer blows, changing the form slowly over time.   Using elementary tools I
create a unique one of a kind object entirely by hand.  

A baby cup is created by using hand tools only.  I start with a flat 6 inch square sheet of silver from
which I saw a 6 inch round disk.  The shaping is done using a raising hammer and stakes.  The flat
disk of metal is hammered against a metal stake; the side of the disk hammered becomes the outside
of the cup.  When the cup is entirely raised, the lip is formed by folding the edge over until it is rolled
using special hand tools for finishing.  The handle is then forged, shaped and soldered into place.    
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